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Message - June 1 2015 

Farewell from Great American Sports    

This is just a short message to inform you that after over 6 years trading we have decided to close down Great American Sports and to focus our attentions on other factors that we deem important in our lives.

As many of you may well know, we acquired the business in 2008 and converted the business which was based, in Five Ways Birmingham, into a fully operational on-line presence with functional web-site.

In that time we have grown from an initial address list of 1,000 and have now served over 10,000 customers.

We have always tried to operate the business on three core principles : 

  1. Only offer for sale products we actually own and have in stock.

  2. Only take a product if it can be stocked for all 32 NFL teams and

  3. Treat people with respect .

The desire to stick to principles 1 and 2 is one of the core reasons for the decision we are taking at this time because, despite the growth of the sport and fan base over recent years those Suppliers that have been granted NFL Licences in the UK have failed to adequately meet the needs of the fans by ensuring access to sufficient, sensibly priced, product in the UK for all 32 NFL teams.

From the discussions we have had over recent months with key apparel providers it is clear that the prospects for the 2015 NFL season seem no better, with only the Official NFLUK store getting access to certain ranges, so our availability to product is being continually squeezed.

As a result, we have over recent weeks, considered key decisions which have led us to this point.

Let us first, please confirm that we have not gone ‘bust’, no-one has lost any money or have not been paid – we are simply taking an opportunity to do something else with our lives, at this time.

In order to affect a controlled running down of the GAS operation we have amended all selling prices of current stock sold here and on our ebay site.

Can we take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people that we have met and come into contact with over the years, a number of whom we can now class as friends.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time meeting and serving so many of you and we will remain fans of this wonderful sport.

All the very best.

Francis and Marguerite Bevan

Great American Sports Limited